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Captions and Video Description:
Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities
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Dicapta joins the Global Accessibility Awareness Day by launching an information campaign

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Lenny & Tweek available with accessibility in Spanish on the Semillitas channel

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Accessible TV Series in Spanish Thanks to Our Project funded by the Department of Education - September 2017 Report

We are proud to continue bringing accessibility to educational TV programs thanks to the resources of our project "Captions and Video Description: Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities", funded by the U.S. Department of Education.  

Since last year and until September 30, 2017, we have made the following TV programs accessible:

  • Olivia 
  • Mono ve Mono hace
  • Mono ve Mono hace - Segunda temporada
  • Bo en Acción
  • El Closet de Chloe
  • Lenny & Tweek
  • Meteor
  • Brainy Baby
  • Uki
  • Bebe Osmosis

Semillitas channel is offered by the following providers: Altice (Optimum), Charter Spectrum, Liberty, RCN, Verizon, Prisma TV (CenturyLink - NCTC), CenturyLink Streaming - NCTC, Frontier (NCTC), Blue Stream / TPC Broadband (NCTC), Coyote Cable / commZOOM (NCTC), MTA Communications (NCTC), Hargray Communications and Bright House Networks - Spectrum.

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HITN is available on AT&T, Cablevision, Centurylink, Comcast, Directv, Dish, Spectrum, Frontier, Mediacom and Verizonfios.  For detailed information on channel number and areas of the country where HITN is available, visit HITN's website.

Discovery en la escuela in blue letters. There is a globe On the left part of the letter

Not only have we made 24 episodes of Discovery en la Escuela accessible, but we have also added description and captions to 19 clips of Curiosidad Infinita. Those clips are perfect for their use in class or to reinforced new concepts at home. To see them go to the Videos Accesibles section of the Discovery en la Escuela website.

Sorpresa is available on Spectrum, Cox, Liberty, Claro, Frontier, Suddenlink and Vemox.


We will continue to publish on our page, in the Accessible Projects section, information about the new series to which we add description and captions.