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Captions and Video Description:
Educational Tools for Hispanic Children with Disabilities
A boy wearing headphones shouts out using a megaphone

Dicapta joins the Global Accessibility Awareness Day by launching an information campaign

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Lenny & Tweek available with accessibility in Spanish on the Semillitas channel

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Discovery en la Escuela Made It Easier to Enjoy Its Accessible Video Clips

Discovery en la Escuela gave a new look to its website and made it easier to enjoy the video clips in Spanish that have audio description and captions and that are available in its "Videos Accesibles" section.

Do you know what these "Videos Accesibles" are about?  Part of our work with Discovery en la Escuela, within the scope of the project funded by the Department of Education, include the addition of accessibility elements (audio description and captions) to the video clips that Discovery en la Escuela makes to complement its fabulous educational videos in Spanish.

Each one of these video clips cover a specific concept.  A narrator asks a question at the beginning of each video clip, and after that the video clip shows all the elements that the audience needs to know to answer the question.  The video narration goes along with wonderful images that stimulate the comprehension of the new concept. These video clips are ideal to use in the classroom and at home to help reinforce the new acquired knowledge.  They are so well made, that even after you have learned the concepts, it is worth watching them just to enjoy. 

Thanks to the addition of audio description and captions, the children with visual and/or hearing impairment can enjoy the video clips as much as the other children. In fact, the availability of audio description and captions helps any child acquire greater vocabulary. 

Now that you know what these video clips are about, go ahead and enjoy them following the next steps:

1. Visit Discovery en la Escuela's website and click the yellow button "Videos Accesibles" on the right upper corner.

Discovery en la Escuela website. Red arrow on the right upper section points to

2. Select the video clip that most attracts your attention and click the button "Audio Descripción" or "Subtitulado" on the right side of the video clip.  If you selected "Subtitulado", click on the button with the letters "cc" on the bottom part of the video clip.

Accessible Videos section Discovery en la Escuela website. On the right of a video, red arrow points to

3. Enjoy!